Report of the
Board of Directors

Report of the Board of Directors

The Board is pleased to present its report together with the audited consolidated financial statements of the Group for the year ended 31 December 2017.


Our Group is the largest distributor of pharmaceutical and healthcare products, and a leading supply chain services provider in the PRC; it also operates the largest national pharmaceutical distribution network in the PRC according to the information of China Association of Pharmaceutical Commerce. The Group has been able to rapidly increase its market share and profits in a highly fragmented industry by taking advantage of its economies of scale and nationwide distribution network, through which the Group offers a wide range of value-added supply chain services for its customers and suppliers.

The Group has integrated operations in the following business segments, namely:

  • Pharmaceutical distribution segment: Pharmaceutical distribution is the Group’s principal business. The Group provides distribution, logistics and other value-added services for domestic and international pharmaceutical and healthcare products manufacturers and other suppliers. The Group differentiates itself from its competitors in China by its strengths of geographic coverage, the breadth of its product portfolio and the comprehensive supply chain services provided to its customers and suppliers, etc.
  • Retail pharmacy segment: The Group has established a network of retail drug stores in major cities of China via direct operations and franchises.
  • Other business segment: The Group is also engaged in the distribu