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Sinopharm Chairman, Mr. WEI Yulin Attended the “2016 Asia Industry and Capital Summit” Sinopharm Won Awards Again

22 Dec 2016

On 22 December, "2016 Asia Industry and Capital Summit", hosted by the “21st Century Business Herald”, was grandly held in Shekou, Shenzhen. The summit centres around the theme of “Vision of the Era, Change of the Companies”, which discusses how enterprises adapt and change under the trend of the era, and how the listed companies, capital and regulators play their roles, and identify their position correctly in the wave of mergers and acquisitions.
Mr. WEI Yulin, Chairman of Sinopharm Group Co. Ltd., was invited to participate in a roundtable discussion on the theme of "Corporate Change in the Fission Era". He shared his view on how Sinopharm evolves and innovates in the context of Fission Era. Mr. WEI mentioned that 2016, even 2017, are the years of change for the entire healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. On the one hand, the newly introduced policies force the whole industry to change. On the other hand, the entire business models, the supply chains, and the entire ecological services, which are based on the “Internet plus” technology”, are undergoing profound changes. It is necessary for Sinopharm to change from a traditional wholesale enterprise to a trading enterprise focusing on service, finance and data, and change for customers. For internationalization, Mr. WEI believes that in 2017, Sinopharm will continue to strive for breakthrough opportunities based on its own development. For the future developing trend of the industry, Mr. WEI believes that it is not only the change of the industry, but also the competition of business models, while the entire industry will see subversive and revolutionary changes because of technology, capital and industry policies.
In addition, on the night of the awards ceremony of "Outstanding Board of Directors of Listed Companies in China ", Sinopharm won the award of "2016 China Strategic Listed Company - Outstanding Board of Directors", Mr. WEI also won the award of "2016 China Listed Company - Most Respected Chairman". Mr. WEI accepted these awards on behalf of Sinopharm. In order to establish and promote the best operating efficiency and governance model of the board of directors of listed companies in China, and to further promote the healthy development of listed companies in China, the "21st Century Business Herald", which is the leader of Chinese business newspapers, initiated and hosted the "Outstanding Board of Directors of Chinese Listed Companies Awards ". The event lasted for four months, accepting both institutional nomination and corporate self-enrollment. It conducted model researches and data selections based on five index systems, including return on capital, strategic management, board governance, social responsibility and market value management, as well as 78 indicators related to the value of the board of directors of listed companies. After going through such a sophisticated process, the list of outstanding board of directors and business leaders for A-share and H-share listed companies in 2016 finally got selected. The awards represent a high degree of recognition in relation to Sinopharm’s excellent performance and remarkable governance of the board of directors in capital markets as well as financial media, which will further enhance the company’s good image in capital markets and in the public.