Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

In 2014, Sinopharm Group was guided by its development principle of “System Innovation, Efficiency Enhancement and Steady Development” to promote management enhancement, marketing transformation and industry upgrade, hereby achieving healthy and sustainable development. The slogan “Optimized Strategy, Speed and Efficiency” was adhered to in pursuit of enhancing operating efficiency, thus maintaining constant increase in economic benefit and decrease in operating costs.

Corporate object: Let our customers feel our efforts; Let our employees realize their values; Let our shareholders get their returns

Philosophy of corporate social responsibility: Good compliance; People-oriented; Health and satisfaction; Constant improvement.

Corporate vision: To become a pharmaceutical and healthcare service provider with international competitiveness.


Sinopharm Group has developed into the largest distributor of pharmaceutical and healthcare products and a leading supply-chain service provider in the PRC, and owns and operates the largest pharmaceutical distribution and delivery network in the PRC, thus having established an integrated industry chain developing related segments such as distribution and delivery of pharmaceutical and healthcare products, pharmaceutical and healthcare product retail chain, pharmaceutical manufacturing, chemical reagents, medical equipment and healthcare service with synergy. Sinopharm Group strives to become a pharmaceutical and healthcare service provider with international competitiveness to constantly contribute to human health and good life.

It has been Sinopharm Group’s persistent philosophy that an enterprise, as a member of the society, should have frank talks with its stakeholders to establish mutual reliable relationships to satisfy their various needs in terms of economy, environment and society, etc. Meanwhile, an enterprise should make contributions to the sustainable development of the society and play a role in the progress and development of the society, through equitable and transparent corporate activities. In 2014, Sinopharm Group held diverse activities to perform its corporate social responsibility in the following aspects:

Adhering to the philosophy of “Caring for Life; Attending to Health”, Sinopharm Group continues to improve its social responsibility management system and seriously fulfills various social responsibilities and commitments. Cherishing the “Benevolence, love, and responsibility” as its core value, it strives to bring long-lasting and stable value to its shareholders, clients, environment, and the society, and stands out to take the leadership as a pharmaceutical enterprise with strong sense of social responsibility.